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Don't expect your business to grow when you don't!  At ETA we're focused on helping you become better... better at life and business!  When you invest in an ETA Membership, you're really investing in you!  You'll definitely find benefits & savings for your business, but the personal benefits and community connection are keys to growth!

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With your ETA Membership, you'll gain access to tools and secrets to help you master.... 

Time Management

Is it possible to gain control on the never ending interruptions and daily fires that cause your day to spiral out of control?  Yes!  It's possible!

Work & Family

Too often businesses overrun the family - the purpose we're in business in the first place.  Learn how to "balance" work & family.

Health & Exercise 

Do you struggle finding time to exercise or just recreate?  Learn the business and personal benefits of scheduling time for yourself.

Managing Employees

When to hire, when to fire?  How to deal with challenging employees?  Avoid common mistakes and how to build a loyal and positive work culture.


"Marketing" encompasses so many things.  For many, it can be overwhelming.  Learn to focus on daily or weekly tasks and create a surprisingly big company look and feel but also that is effective at getting leads, and generating repeat orders.


Ensure your not leaving any money on the table.  Learn to structure your pricing so that pricing isn't a focus on closing the sale.  


"Sales" and marketing are intertwined.  Learn how to lower the risk in order to close the sale. Plus get referrals and more repeat businesses by cross selling other products and services. Learn to innovate to solve problems to increase sales!


Hire a designer/digitzer or outsource?  When does it make sense to bring in-house?  How to educate customers on artwork and what to charge for artwork services.


When does it make sense to add equipment.  What equipment to add? Learn secrets to avoid making equipment purchases you'll regret and how to save money when buying.

Screen Printing

do you offer embroidery and are considering adding screen printing?  What to know and what to ask before jumping into screen printing.  

Promotional Products

Are you selling promotional products?  If not, how to break into the market? Learn how to ensure great pricing with your vendors and increase your sales by adding promotional items.

Cost Cutting

What expenses are needless and how to cut costs on basic every day tasks?  Learn simple steps to increase your profit by reducing your expenses.

Production Tips and Secrets

What the most successful shops are doing to improve efficiency, quality, stay organized and improve overall productivity and cut down machine run times freeing up your machines and your time for more important tasks.


Have customers requesting larger orders and considering going overseas?  Learn what you'll need to know and what NOT to do!  


Find suppliers and hard to find products and parts.  Be introduced to new products and services and find wholesale embroidery & screen print outsource partners for those orders that are too large.


Learn what tools the pros use and where to get them cheap.  Find other online tools and resources they use to run their businesses.
Plus Much, Much More!
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