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BIC Graphic is a leader in product safety, quality assurance, social responsibility, supply chain security and environmental stewardship. As one of the largest suppliers in the promotional products industry, BIC Graphic offers the most comprehensive product assortment with the widest variety of decoration methods. In addition to its well-known brands, such as BIC®, KOOZIE®, Atchison®, Triumph® and JAFFA®, they also partner with prestigious retail brands such as myCharge®, Cool Gear®, HoMedics®, Cocoon®, Leatherman® and several golf brands. BIC Graphic operates five manufacturing facilities across the United States with three facilities in Florida and two facilities in Minnesota. The Company also operates a highly strategic product sourcing operation in Hong Kong and mainland China.
Tekweld is your cutting edge supplier for unique items that are hard to find anywhere else. We specialize in the hard to find and super impressive. Our domestically produced items are being produced daily in our cutting edge facilities to ensure that your needs are met in the most professional way possible.
Prime Line
Prime Line has been a leading promotional products industry supplier since 1980 offering a wide range of products and services. A founding member of QCA.
High Caliber Line (HCL) is a highly influential and innovative supplier of promotional products sold through its diverse network of distributors in North America. Established in 1999, HCL has grown into an award-winning company recognized for its’ expansive range of products, exclusive product releases, elite product brands, highly competitive prices and exceptional customer support and service. 
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